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Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices On Your Own Can Be Overwhelming! 

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It's easy to learn about health... one byte at a time.

Just making small changes each week, can make a huge impact on how you feel over time.

The Wellness Minute      

Each week we bring you a 3-5 minute video on the benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements and how they work.

Learn Nutrition in just minutes per week.

The Wellness Minute is a free weekly nutritional video designed to give you the information you need to make healthier life choices 


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The Wellness Minute

  • Stop Allergies Once & For All
  • Great For Dry Skin
  • Tired of Feeling Run Down
  • How To Boost Your Brain Power
  • Do You Take Acid Blockers?


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Dr. Robert A. Macchione
Chiropractic Physician . Board Certifed Acupuncturist . Diplomate in Nutrition
Nutritional Consultant To Austin Medical Equipment, Inc.
Americare Health & Rehab Center  . 1900 S. Mannheim Rd. . Westchester, Il 60154

After you click onThe Wellness Minute Video, you can click on the archives and choose from a wide variety of information such as:

  • Allergy - Free Allergy Food Test
  • Children - ADHD New Research
  • Digestion - Feel Sluggish After Meals
  • Fatigue - Sleep Problems
  • Female - Diagnose Your Fingernails
  • Immune - Boost Your Immune System
  • Stress - Should You Be Happier

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